Friday, October 02, 2009

Kasparov arrives at Botvinnik's chess school, 1973

"Botvinnik’s group this time includes a newcomer from Baku, a very bright kid, accompanied by his tall, beautiful, Middle-Eastern looking (as he also) mother. His name is Garik Weinstein. 'Show us, Garik, an interesting game you played,' said Botvinnik, as was his habit. Garik chose a game from one of the junior tournaments. He immediately answered the questions posed by the teacher, showing combinational variations of stunning beauty. He did not always agree with his teacher. 'Okay,' said Botvinnik, looking at his watch, 'today’s lesson is over.' Later, he walked up to his assistant, the master Yurkov, and spoke the historic words: 'This boy is a genius; I will work with him individually.' And he did work with him, though not for very long."

Leonid Shamkovich, Chess Life, November 1995